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From its humble beginning as an engineering analysis tool developed on top of an ice cream shop to its current industry leadership in mechanism dynamics simulations, Adams has grown and transformed over the years. It now offers a wide array of domain-specific vertical offerings such as Adams Car for automotive vehicle dynamics simulations and horizontal, solution-specific offerings for durability analysis, and more. Adams is now an integral part of various engineering development processes and has helped its users isolate system issues early in the development process and bring products faster to market.

While modern engineering systems continue to increase in complexity and pose new challenges, Adams is keeping pace. For example, Adams Real Time, brings the time-tested benefits of Adams simulations to test and calibration engineers via hardware in the loop solutions. Trends related to autonomy, electrification, and connectivity have necessitated more electronics and software in traditionally mechanically systems. Upcoming versions of Adams will include functionality to combat challenges imposed by these trends. Exciting new developments are underway to give our customers a brand new user experience that is more fluid, more interactive and more efficient.

This e-book celebrates our user’s success. From washing machines to automotive transmissions, from military vehicles to Martian rovers, the articles will highlight the breadth of Adams applications and their industrial impact. You will read about specific metrics like the eight-fold reduction in transmission calibration timelines at the Ford motor company using Adams. The Airbus article highlights how Adams is used as part of an enterprise-level engineering process to reduce aircraft development timelines. This e-book details application at the bleeding edge of CAE, such as multiphysics and Machine learning. In the Samsung story, an Adams-Marc co-simulation that improved washing machine design is presented. The Pratt and Miller story highlights our foray into Machine learning using our partner CADLM’s technology. Adams continues to impact academic research and classroom instruction. You will read about a group of Korean researchers who simulated a moth’s flight to understand how organisms behaved in the natural world. MSC Software’s vision in multiphysics simulations and sustainable engineering are detailed in forward-looking commentaries by Dr. Keith Hanna.

We hope that you will gather valuable insights on the analysis and development of dynamic systems from this e-book.