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Encourage your students to take advantage of MSC's FREE Student Editions during the summer break to gain experience with CAE software tools used in the industry before starting the Fall semester.

MSC's Student Editions are available for download onto students’ personal computers from the MSC Student Center.

  Adams Student Edition for Multibody Dynamics Simulation
Students can start solving multibody dynamics problems now using Adams Student Edition. A recent survey revealed a significant shortage of Adams proficient engineers, making it a great time for new engineers with Adams experience to begin successful careers at automotive, aerospace and manufacturing companies. See the results of the survey.  More >>

If you’d like to help better prepare your engineering students for mechanical dynamicist jobs, please inquire about how to incorporate Adams into your teaching program. Learn how >>

  Marc Student Edition for Advanced Nonlinear Simulation
Marc enables engineers to accurately simulate and explore nature's
inherent nonlinearities. Students can start solving problems involving
large deformation and strains, nonlinear materials, complex contact
or interaction between multiple physics with the 2013 student version
of Marc.

  MSC Nastran | Patran Student Edition for fast and accurate Multidiscipline Simulations
When it comes to solving for stress/strain behavior, dynamic and vibration response in real-world systems, MSC Nastran is recognized as the most trusted multidiscipline solver in the world. With the MSC Nastran | Patran 2013 Student Edition, students are given access to premiere technology used by engineers all over the world.

Read how an engineering student at the Sapienza University of Rome used the student version of MSC Nastran | Patran to perform aeroelastic analysis. More >>

MSC Student Edition Simple Learning Aids
"Getting Started” video tutorials help students quickly become familiar with the software interface and application basics. Available from the MSC Student Center, the video tutorials are a great tool for students who are using simulation software for the first time to prepare them for success in the classroom and in their future careers.

'Getting Started with MSC's Student Editions' Video Tutorials >>

  Student Edition FAQ's
The Student Editions differ from MSC's Academic University Bundles.

All Student Editions are limited, mainly in terms of model size, and provide a specific set of features to help students become proficient in the software for their own personal use and/or for school projects.

The MSC Academic University Bundles are full commercial versions of the software. These bundles are available for Universities to purchase and use for teaching or research purposes.
Resources and tools to foster retention in your classroom
As simulation becomes more imperative in design and manufacturing, more universities are preparing students for success by incorporating simulation software applications into their courses. Make your students engineering education more relevant, understandable and enjoyable in the 2013/2014 school year with our Academic Bundles.

Academic FEA Bundle – This software bundle provides linear and non-linear finite element analysis capabilities for structural and thermal simulation as well as others including impacts and fluid-structure interactions.

Motion Academic Bundle – This software bundle provides capabilities for a wide variety of multi-body motion and mechanical system simulations, including hydraulics and controls, using a geometric modeling approach or a schematic, block-diagram modeling approach.  

Classroom and Course Integration Made Easy
With MSC’s Curriculum Kits, we make it easy to incorporate simulation into your courses.

What are Curriculum Kits?
Curriculum Kits are basic exercises created for educators to teach and for students to learn how simulation applications solve real-life problems accurately and efficiently.

There are four Curriculum Kits:

  • Adams Curriculum Kit
  • MSC Nastran | Patran Curriculum Kit
  • Marc Curriculum Kit
  • SimXpert Curriculum Kit

Each Curriculum Kits contains 10 unique exercises.

How do I use the “Curriculum Kits”?

  • Assign one exercise per week to your students.
  • Use the MSC Nastran | Patran and SimXpert Curriculum Kits in your Intro to FEA, Statics and Structural Analysis courses
  • Use the Adams and SimXpert Curriculum Kits in your Dynamics, Systems & Controls and Mechatronics courses
  • Use the Marc Curriculum Kit in your Thermodynamics, Composite Materials and Finite Element Analysis courses

They can be accessed directly from our website. No login required.
Click Here >>

Research Initiatives with CAE
Researchers are leading the way to make world-changing discoveries
using advanced simulation tools. Read how the Ohio State Research
facility is using simulation to assess lumbar spine forces. Read More >>

MSC's Research Assist Program

The Research Assist Program is an ecosystem development program
aimed at stimulating innovation within academic communities by awarding 12 researchers a year full commercial versions of MSC's powerful
simulation software applications.

Learn how winning researchers are using simulation to advance their
research. Learn More >>
Learn more about the MSC Research Assist Program. Learn More >>
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