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When designing automobiles, the automotive seal has an important function to play. It seals the interior of the vehicle from the environment. Therefore, it not only needs to be functional, but there needs to some cohesion with the body design of the vehicle. Poor door seal system design can cause water leakage, wind noise, hard opening or closing of doors, and other issues that impair customer satisfaction. Moreover, improper design of the seal can make it difficult to install on the body panel. Therefore, the design rationality and manufacturing process are important for the functionality and performance of the sealing system.

However, the door sealing system comes with several design and manufacturing variables. It is difficult to precisely confirm the individual quantitative effect on the functionalities of these variables at early design stages. Therefore, computer-based simulation of the door sealing system is more practical since it is cost and time-efficient and also helps isolate critical factors.

Digital simulation of rubber sealing is both a complex and scalable problem. This is due to the unique properties of rubber, which is highly nonlinear and nearly incompressible. Besides, sealing simulation also needs to capture contact (self-contact) and geometric non-linearity.

The existing solver was proving to be ineffective since there were several challenges and convergence difficulties.

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