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The Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is a Danish wind farm currently under construction, located in Kattegat, between Djursland and Anholt Island. Knud E. Hansen was contracted by MT Højgaard A/S to assess the Drill Rig’s waves induced motion while transported by HLV SVANEN, and to calculate the maximum tensions on the lashing cables for a maximum operational wave height.

“Adams Software helped us to understand the motion and forces involved by capturing the full gamut of real world complexities including rigid bodies, flexible bodies, springs, dampers, joints and all others mechanical components. The software never placed any limits on what I wanted simulated, yet it made it possible to assemble the complex model very quickly. ”

Mirco Zoia, Navel Architect & Offshore Eng., Knud E. Hansen A/S

Accurate assessment of complex mechanical systems that require a dynamic analysis
Initially, the 3D Multi-body Dynamic model of the system composed by HLV SVANEN, the Drill Rig and its crane lifting components (Lifting Spreaders, Lifting and Lashing Equipment), was created in a CAD software and then imported to Adams. Densities and other material properties were given to the parts of the 3D Model. All the parts in motion were joined together with translation, revolving, spherical and cylindrical joints to simulate as close as possible the real behaviour of the system. The steel and fibre ropes of the system were defined as flexible dynamic bodies with the same material properties (density, young’s modulus, poisson’s ratio, and damping coefficient) as the actual ropes. The winch pretensions were defined using preloaded spring-dampers. Motions, constraints, wind forces and winch pretension loads were then applied to HLV SVANEN. The motion analysis was based on the HLV SVANEN maximum response motion previously assessed.

The dynamic analysis was carried out to assess the maximum displacement of the Drill Rig, and the minimum required winch pulling force to fulfill the requirements of the client and to safely carry out the necessary marine operations.
  • Ensure the safety of the marine operations
  • Reduce risks and costs of the wind turbines installation
  • Anholt offshore windfarm to become the biggest offshore windfarm in Denmark

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