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Newman/Haas Racing uses the ADAMS/ Motorsport toolkit and ADAMS/Insight for vehicle system modeling and design of experiments (DOE) to optimize the setup trade-offs required to deliver a more competitive car. The methods provided by MSC.Software have produced a more intuitive understanding of the model and significant gains in runtime, and helped Newman/Haas Racing discover opportunities to further improve efficiency and output. Using test chassis set-up options in a virtual environment, Newman/Haas Racing can take best advantage of limited on-track practice and testing time.
With a winged, ground-effect racecar producing a large amount of downforce, a constraint for a given spring rate and static ride height must be set high enough to avoid excessive contact with the ground at high speed. Conversely, for a given spring rate, the static ride height must be set as low as possible to produce maximum downforce. Therefore, the design space results in a band matrix factor that defines the area of normal operation and combinations not physically possible and not meaningful.
Results Validation:
Correlation between physical test data and analysis results ensures models represent the real world.
ADAMS/Insight for vehicle and system modeling has proven to be an effective tool for efficiently producing a complex yet quantifiable understanding of model behavior. These methods have produced significant gains in runtime and understanding.

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