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There are many coastal areas where local geography constrains the movement of ocean tides, resulting in very strong currents. Water is 800 times denser than air so these currents could potentially generate a lot of electricity. GE tidal turbine technology brings proven concepts and industry-leading knowledge to tap into this reliable and predictable energy source. The Oceade* tidal turbine features a buoyant nacelle that enables the turbine to be easily towed to and from the operating site. This eliminates the need for specialist vessels, reducing the cost of installation and maintenance. GE has proven its Oceade* turbine operating at a full 1 Megawatt, injecting over 1.2 GWh of electricity to the grid. This test program has enabled GE to validate the installation and retrieval processes, autonomous running, and the performance and power curve of the new turbine.

Results Validation:

The simulation results provided the information to evaluate the dynamic response of the proposed design prior to investing in a physical prototype and testing. Based on the results, GE design assumptions and margins were verified and opportunities for optimization identified. The company is now moving forward to the testing phase confident that the design has been “de-risked” from a dynamic as well as a kinematic standpoint. “This project was a great working experience that allowed the GE team and MSC consultants to share knowledge and gain experience from their own respective expertise,” concluded Valentin Radigois, Lead Engineer, Mechanical- Components, GE Renewable Energy.

  • Predict the dynamic behavior of the turbine including multiple flexible components
  • Integrate real bearing and gear effect including 3D contacts
  • Simulate various dynamic loads to evaluate complex behaviors and coupling effects
  • Performed modal analysis of the full structure

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