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MSC Software pioneered many of the technologies that are now relied upon by the Aerospace industry to analyze and predict stress and strain, vibration & dynamics, acoustics, and thermal analysis in their flagship product, MSC Nastran. Similarly, MSC Marc and MSC Adams are highly regarded as industry-leading applications for non-linear simulation and kinematics, respectively.

TEN TECH LLC, a Los Angeles based engineering consulting firm, conducts complex engineering Finite Element Analysis. As subject matter experts in shock, vibration and thermal analysis for the Aerospace & Defense Industry, TEN TECH LLC relies heavily on MSC solutions. The types of products and applications TEN TECH is involved with share a common characteristic: field failure is never an option. To validate these designs, complex multi-physics analyses and high-performance solvers that provide great accuracy are required. TEN TECH LLC being a Small Business, high-end CAE software procurement is always a delicate balancing act as high performance and accuracy comes at a hefty premium. At least it did until now: enter MSC One.

MSC One is an expanded products token system that allows companies to take advantage of the breadth and depth of MSC Software’s simulation portfolio within a flexible token-based licensing system. Offered on an annual subscription basis, MSC One provides efficient implementation and access to a suite of multidisciplinary engineering software tools.

For TEN TECH LLC, the ability to easily access the extensive MSC One product portfolio, including all of MSC’s core products such as MSC Nastran, Adams and Marc, but also Sinda and SC/Tetra for thermal and CFD analysis was an easy choice. Access to such a variety of tools through a “check-in, check-out” token system, allows the team at TEN TECH to solve a multitude of their clients’ vibration, non-linear, thermal and CFD problems for a fraction of the cost typically incurred.

Recently, TEN TECH LLC’s Structural Mechanics Group has been actively involved in the development of telescope structures, providing Finite Element Analysis expertise for the design validation of the telescope structure supporting the Polarization of Background Radiation telescope array experiment (POLARBEAR-2).

Funded by the Simons Foundation, POLARBEAR-2 is an international collaborative effort including 8 countries, and 20 institutions. Based in Chile’s Atacama Desert, the Simons Array, comprised of three polarization of background radiation telescopes, will probe the skies in search of proof of inflation, the hypothetical moment following the Big Bang.

“We heavily relied on MSC Apex and MSC Nastran to perform these complex structural analysis tasks. MSC One made our life much easier than with our traditional workflow” - William Villers, CTO & Director of Engineering at TEN TECH LLC.

Results Validation:

The TEN TECH team was able to quickly mesh and run FEA on a very large and detailed model of a complex assembly, starting from native CAD files. Apex allowed the team to proceed with incremental analyses of subassemblies and build a very large and complex model “right the first time”. With Apex, the engineers shortened their “CAD to FEM to Analysis” time by 25%-30% compared to their traditional workflow process. At the same time, they delivered a high fidelity, reliable model to their client.

MSC Nastran’s high performance was highlighted throughout the entire project: through its ultra-fast iterative solver and GPU-accelerated processing for linear statics, to Automated Component Modal Synthesis (ACMS) and Distributed Memory Parallel (DMP) solver for large dynamics problems, MSC Nastran performed flawlessly and delivered the highly accurate results required to achieve the proper confidence level in the design.

TEN TECH plans to further utilize MSC’s products through MSC One, including Sinda, Adams, and MSC Nastran. The price of MSC One gives the TEN TECH team the financial freedom they need to use MSC Nastran and other products.


Increased productivity by utilizing MSC Apex Fossa to save time during the design process

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