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Additive Manufacturing


For more than 25 years, Stratasys has been a defining force and dominant player in additive manufacturing – notably inventing the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology. The company’s solutions provide customers with unmatched design freedom and manufacturing flexibility – reducing time-to-market and lowering development and manufacturing costs.

FDM® (fused deposition modeling) is becoming the technology of choice for rapid production of high-temperature (> 177 ° C), low-volume, composite lay-up and repair tools, as well as for moderate-temperature (<163 °C) production sacrificial tooling. Relative to traditional tooling materials and methods, FDM offers significant advantages in terms of lead time, tool cost and simplification of tool design, fabrication and use, while enabling increased functionality and geometric complexity.

  • Print it right the first time!
    Iterate designs and parameters through simulation rather than wasting time and materials with iterating through printing
  • Save time & material!
    Anticipate printing issue with simulation (e.g., evaluate the impact of the printing direction and location on results)
  • Minimize warpage in only two steps!
    Thanks to a predeformed geometry
  • Optimize the manufacturing process!
    Quickly explore at virtually zero marginal cost the sensitivity of process parameters on the process quality and part fidelity
  • Access to an easy, efficient and user-friendly GUI!
    Designed to follow the printing workflow and accessible for non FEA experts

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