Your home base for simulation and collaboration
SimManager is a web-based simulation process and data management collaboration hub, enabling your engineering team to use a centralized, secured, and searchable environment with built-in traceability.
Embraer S.A. – Brazil
SimManager enables aircraft structural modifications to be managed with ease, with process management, version control, and easily reproducible simulation results. Presented at NAFEMS World Congress 2019.
BMW, GKN & Audi
See how a decade of production experience at leading automotive companies led to the value of Simulation & Process Data Management (SPDM)
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
SimManager provides CAE process quality control thanks to a harmonized and consistent simulation environment
ChangAn Automotive
SimManager’s automatic simulation platform allowed ChangAn to reduce their validation time by 30% in their vehicle development cycle.
Utilizing high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) advancements, Mahindra uses SimManager to manage their simulation process so they can achieve a faster robust design.


Simulation Process and Data Management
A complete solution that brings together people, process, and technology to streamline simulation operations.

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SimManager is a Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) system that manages all aspects of CAE simulation with focus on meeting the sophisticated data management and processing needs specific to the simulation community. The 50 years of experience in CAE industry has endowed MSC with the requisite knowledge and proficiency to provide a complete solution that brings together your people, process and technology to streamline simulation operations.

SimManager is a web-based simulation data and process management system that manages all simulation data and processes from project initiation through final report generation. Using SimManager, simulation operations become more productive and effective, reducing the cost and time it takes to bring better products to market. Effective implementation also helps meet the required certification requirements where needed, and storage and recovery of data when needed in a secure manner.

SimManager gives everyone a chance to be on the same page throughout the course of any given project. That saves time in meetings, and it helps ensure that a single person isn’t the gatekeeper for all information related to a project.
- Nils Juhlin,

Competitive advantages that scale from a small workgroup to company-wide
use include:
  • Increased Productivity for Greater Insight Faster
  • Improved Quality Through Reduction in Errors
  • Integration Clients to Easily Access SimManager From Popular CAE Products
  • Standardization and Establishment of Best Practices
  • Effective Collaboration
  • Integrated Teamwork
  • Shorter Product Development Times
  • Accelerated Process and Product Innovation

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