NAS127 - Rotordynamic Analysis using MSC Nastran

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The purpose of this seminar is to introduce the rotordynamic capabilities in MSC Nastran. The course will cover rotordynamic analysis for coupled rotating and stationary components, for example, Jet Engines, Turbines, Compressors and Energy Storage Devices. The analyses will include static, complex eigenvalue, frequency and transuient respone analysis. The effect of damping and the various methods of applying damping will be considered in the analyses. Workshops can either be completed using Patran or directly using the Nastran input file.

2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
Knowledge of Dynamic Analysies in MSC Nastran for example NAS102 or NAS122 or equivalent experience.
  • Theory
    Static Analysis
    Complex Eigenvalue Analysis
    Frequency Domain Analysis
    Time Domain
    Multiple and Reference Rotors
  • New Forms of Damping Input
    Damping Input Entries
    Rotordynamic Bulk Data Entries
  • Patran Support 
  • Example Cases
    Line Model without Superelements
    3D Example
    Frequency Response
    3D-2 Rotor Model
    Typical Commercial Jet Engine
    Hybrid Damping
  • Nonlinear Frequency Response