Accelerate product development of complex hood hinges with Generative Design

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Application of MSC Apex Custom Tools/Utilities Load Mapping and Fastener Creation

Following topics will be discussed in this Webinar: Introduction to Utilities, Usage of Attribution Utilities, Usage of Fastener Tools, Geometries and FEM Utilities, Usage of Query Tools, and Interoperability.

Bringing CFD earlier in the transmission design process using Romax Energy and Particleworks

MSC Apex for Space Applications

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Contact Verification using MSC Nastran and Patran

This webinar shows how to use contact verification methods such as contact status, glue MPCs, contact forces and Gap-Overlap check available in MSC Nastran and Patran.

Improving the acoustic comfort of your products with engineering simulation

Certification of eVTOL Aircraft: Leveraging Engineering Simulation to Ensure Safety & Structural Integrity

Intro to VTD Scale: A cloud platform for executing SiL based simulations, result analysis, and data management system

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Base Shake (Single Input) and Multi-Input loading in frequency domain fatigue

Frequency domain methods now exist to enable the durability assessment to be undertaken fully in the frequency domain. Most dynamic analysts prefer to work in the so-called frequency domain where loads are defined as a function of frequency usually as Power Spectral Densities (PSD). Utilizing the most advanced and efficient analysis tool like CAEfatigue. We will explore Base Shake (Single Input) and Multi-Input type of loading in the frequency domain with CAEfatigue.

Automotive accessory manufacturer uses CAE simulation for smart manufacturing

SimAcademy Webinar Archive : Prediction of residual warpage of CFRP based on a ICME approach

In this session, we will learn how Digimat can help to anticipate residual warpage after the cure cycle simulation of a continuous fibre reinforced epoxy. We will describe the material model of the resin and how this one is combined with the reinforcement to compute homogenized properties applied at the lamina level.

Smart Manufacturing Virtual Open House – Virtual Simulation Technology for Assembly

Smart Manufacturing Virtual Open House – Combining Metrology and Simulation to Create a Production Twin for Metal Stamping Dies

Smart Manufacturing Virtual Open House – Additive Manufacturing – Smart Additive Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Virtual Open House – Empowering Smart Manufacturing through connecting the virtual and physical worlds