Sound Attenuation Prediction of High Speed Railway Sound Barrier with Actran

Enhance Wind Turbine Driveline and System Performance with CAE Simulation

Acoustics TechWeek Day 5 - Wrap-Up - Introduction to Actran JumpStart

Acoustics TechWeek Day 4 - Duct Acoustics

Acoustics TechWeek Day 2 - Acoustic Radiation

Acoustics TechWeek Day 1 - Industrial Context & Challenges

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Simulating with FMI Interface

This session of SimAcademy will examine the application of Adams/Controls using FMI interface. The model exchange and co-simulation modes will then be discussed with tips, tricks and recommendations.

Virtual Optimization of Suspension Parameters using Adams Car and pSeven

Acoustics TechWeek Day 3 - Acoustic Transparency Calculation

AI/ML based trimmed body NTF & global modes prediction & optimization using ODYSSEE CAE

AI/ML-based prediction of crash parameters using ODYSSEE CAE

World Class Ride & Comfort with Rubber to Metal Bonded Components Designed using Marc’s Advanced Non-linear FEA Solutions

Structural Design, Analysis, and Testing of a 10 kW Fabric-Covered Wind Turbine Blade

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Non-linear Buckling Analysis using SOL 400

During this session you will learn - Buckling Phenomenon, Linear Buckling Analysis overview, Nonlinear buckling overview, Linear Vs Non-linear, Nonlinear Buckling in SOL 400.

Interoperability Series: MSC Apex for Patran Users