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Problem: Inspect the toe angle that the wheel exhibits throughout its vertical travel of 80 mm in jounce and rebound. The given model is a geometric representation of a short-long arm (SLA) suspension subsystem. Note: If you need assistance on a step, just click on it for more information. Note: Click on images to enlarge.

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1) Click on Create a new model.

2) First, change the Model name to Suspension.

3) For the Gravity choose Earth Normal (-Global Y).

4) Change the units to MMKS-mm,kg,N,s,deg.

5) Choose the directory where you want to save the model and then click OK.

1) To import the model, first click on File and then choose Import.

2) Now click on the File To Read.

3) For the file choose and Open suspension_parts_starts.cmd.

4) Then click OK.

1) First, right-click on the screen, choose Shaded.

2) Click on Joint and choose Joint:Spherical.

3) For the Construction pick 2 Bod-1 Loc and choose Normal To Grid for the First Body choose Pick Body and the Second Body choose Pick Body.

4) Choose the Spindle_Wheel for the first body.

5) Pick the Tie_Rod for the second body.

6) For the location choose ground.HP8.

1) Click on Joint and choose Joint:Hooke.

2) For Construction choose 2 Bod-1 Loc and choose Pick Feature. For the First Body and Second Body choose Pick Body.

3) Click on the Tie_Rod when selecting the first body.

4) Click on the steering_rack when selecting the second body.

5) Click on the ground.HP7 when selecting the location.

6) Click on HP8 when selecting the first direction vector.

7) Click on HP13 when selecting the second direction vector.

1) First, click on Motion Driver and choose Point Motion.

2) Choose the Spindle_Wheel.Center when selecting the location.

3) Choose the Center.Y when selecting direction vector.

1) Right-click on the Wheel.Center choose Motion:MOTION_1 and then click on Modify.

2) Click on the Function (time).

3) Modify the "Define a runtime function" to 80*SIN(360d*time). Click on SIN under the Math Functions when inputing a SIN function. Then click OK.

4) Now click on the center of either the Shoulder or the Mount as shown to define the other endpoint of the cylinder.

1) Right-click on the Join: rck_body_joint then click on Modify. .

2) Change the Type to Fixed. .

3) Click OK.

1) First, click on the Interactive Simulation Control.

2) Change the End Time to 10 and change the Steps to 500. .

3) Then click on Start Simulation. Now you have completed creating a Spherical Joint, Hooke Joint and Point Motion on this suspension subsystem.