Past Issue Showcase

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Summer 2015
  • Noise Prediction of Moving Mechanisms
  • Evaluating Suspension Components Earlier in Design
  • System Analysis 15X Faster with Co-Simulation
  • Tackling Conflicting Performance Requirements
  • Simulations Give Insight into Bedsore Problems

Summer 2014
  • Finding the Solution to a Noise Problem
  • Extending the Life of Subsea Drilling Equipment
  • Building the Next-Generation of Optical Mirrors

Supplemental Issue Summer 2013
  • Simulation Helps Increase Sales by $4M
  • Getting to the Root Cause of Cracks
  • Designing the Right Tire
  • Optimizing Engine Performance

Spring 2013
  • Safe Marine Operations in Wind Energy
  • Optimizing Machine Performance
  • Stamping Out Waste

Supplemental Issue Summer 2012
  • Mars Curiosity - Only One Chance to Get it Right
  • Learn how simulation helped Curiosity Rover make a perfect touchdown on Mars

Summer 2012
  • Motorsports to Mission Critical Compressing Product Development Cycles
  • Engineers Get Design Right the First Time
  • Developing New Vehicle Concepts Faster

Winter 2012
  • Making Better Aircraft Everyday
  • Optimizing Engine Performance
  • Racing to Win
  • High Performance Seals
  • Rapid Concept Engineering

Summer 2011
  • Optimizing Aircraft Performance
  • High Performance Mechanisms
  • Light Weight Structures
  • Solving the Mysteries of Roll Forming

Winter 2011
  • FEA helps reduce time to develop exhaust expansion joints from 5 weeks to 2-3 weeks
  • Aeros Develops Revolutionary Variable buoyancy Air Vehicle with MSC Nastran
  • Performance Simulations of Next Generation Diesel