SimDesigner Technical Brief - Structures

How to design a silicone push button

SimDesigner Technical Brief - Motion

Evaluate the impact of design changes on power equipment used to drive a cutter

SimDesigner Technical Brief - Rigid-Flex Analysis

Multidisciplinary rigid flex analysis on a cutter blade

SimDesigner Workbench Edition Datasheet

SimDesigner Composites Add-on Module Datasheet

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Crash Test Simulation With MSC SimXpert

Cornell University

Cornell Baja SAE Uses MSC ADAMS/Car for Suspension Design

University of Texas - Arlington

ADAMS helps UTA sharpen design skills, will provide hybrid testing ground

Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Biological Cells under Dynamic Loading

MSC Software's Patran and Marc Instrumental in Groundbreaking Cellular Research at Clemson University

Stanford University

MSC Software Aids in Stanford University's Study of Non-Homogeneous Composite Materials

Simon Fraser University

The behavior of a Spherical Electroactive Polymer Actuator

Utah State University

Use of Adams at Space Dynamics Laboratory for Space-Based Sensor Pointing and Jitter Control

University of Windsor

University of Windsor Baja SAE Team Relies on Adams for Design of Off-Road Vehicle for Competition

Marc Aids in the Improvement of the Quality of Oral Health Care

The University of Tennessee - Marc Aids in the Improvement of the Quality of Oral Health Care According to University Study

Using Adams to Perform Motion Simulation

This interactive tutorial will provide an introduction to Adams and the process of performing motion simulation via Adams. Ability Level: Beginner