Automated Driving

The mobility revolution demands new simulation solutions. MSC's tools work together to address an industry-leading breadth of challenges in development and validation of driver assist systems to fully autonomous vehicles.
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To predict certainty in vehicle performance, companies developing the next generation of cars, trucks, military vehicles, and agriculture / mining equipment will have to extend their existing simulation technologies and embrace new ones. Driver assist systems, automated driving, and fully autonomous vehicle development requires many millions miles of testing a month, which can only be achieved through simulation. Extracting meaningful engineering information from the huge amounts of data generated by millions of miles of virtual testing, elevates the importance of process and data architecture, along with machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. Other keys to meeting the demand for simulation include enabling real-time capabilities so that the simulated vehicle model can work in concert with "XiL" systems that bring hardware (sensors, controllers, steering, brakes, etc.), drivers and driving simulators, and even other software components directly "in the loop".  Adams Real Time provides a unique capability to precisely tune the fidelity required for XiL applications, while maintaining a native link to off-line models that include complexities such as nonlinear flexibility, detailed powertrains, and others. Virtual Test Drive (VTD) enables users to create, configure, visualize complete virtual environments, in which vehicle models can be fully evaluated and validated in nearly any conceivable condition of operation.

Industry uses

  • Aerospace and Defense - trainers and simulators, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Automotive - driver assist systems, vehicle to vehicle interactions, traffic simulation, autonomous vehicles
  • Heavy Equipment - agricultural and mining equipment, trucks
  • Government - intelligent highways, vehicle to infrastructure interactions, standards and certification
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Virtual Test Drive

Complete tool-chain for driving simulation applications