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Adams 2017.2

Delivering Accurate Vehicle Simulations, Expanding Real Time Capabilities

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NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(July 19th, 2017) - MSC Software Corporation, a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services, today announced the latest release of MSC Adams - 2017.2. Known for its accuracy and robustness of multibody dynamics simulation, MSC Adams 2017.2 focuses on delivering usability and simulation speed for Adams Solver and Adams Car and further expanding its Adams Real Time capabilities. The release will be available in July 2017.

Highlights of the release:

  • Faster Parallel Adams Solver

Performance improvements have been made to Adams Solver when running on multiple threads with Adams Solver Shared Memory Parallel (SMP), up to 30% improvement in simulation speed has been observed.

  • Adams Car Model Management

In previous releases, one Adams Car assembly represented a single model configuration. In Adams 2017.2, multiple model configurations can be saved in one assembly, making managing assembly models with different subsystem setups much easier.

  • Model Fidelity Tuning

Higher-fidelity component models can be costly in terms of performance. This becomes especially relevant when running hardware-in-the-loop real time simulations. In many instances sufficiently accurate results can be achieved with a more efficient modeling approach. In Adams 2017.2, an automated utility has been introduced to reduce the modeling fidelity of tires and anti-roll bar, which in many cases could save up to 90% of full-vehicle simulation time while achieving the similarly accurate results. Now users of Adams Real Time can perform a wider variety of vehicle analyses.

  • Aerodynamics Force and Cross Wind Event

In Adams 2017.2, a new aerodynamics force object allows for modeling of aerodynamic loading applied at either one or two points on the body, which provides a more accurate prediction of the impact of aerodynamics forces. The new cross-wind event makes use of the new aerodynamic force object to apply wind forces to the vehicle, which makes it easier to integrate aerodynamics forces into various car models.

  • New Vehicle Events

In this release, a list of new vehicle events have been introduced in Adams Car:

  • New Open Loop Steering Events: Fishhook, Grist Mill, Hands Free, J Turn, On Center, Parking Effort, Swept Steering Event
  • Other New Events: Double Lane Change, Throttle on in Turn, Brake Drift and Cross Wind Event

These off-the-shelf events eliminates the need for customization, saving significant time for users to perform different types of vehicle handling analyses.

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