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MSC Adams 2017 Delivers High Fidelity Gear Simulation, Python Scripting & Enhanced FMI

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NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Business Wire - November 14th, 2016) - MSC Software Corporation, a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services, today announced the newest release of MSC Adams 2017, MSC Adams 2017 expands its groundbreaking multibody dynamics simulation solution to deliver even more enhanced performance. The release will be available in December 2016.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Advanced 3D Contact Method for Gears

Adams Machinery Gears have been modeled as rigid parts with a compliance between gear pairs. In Adams 2017, the MSC Adams team has introduced gear tooth flexibility. This feature allows users to define the gear part geometry and material properties, from which a finite element model (FEM) is created and solved in the background to define tooth compliance. It encompasses a friendly user interface in which no knowledge of Nastran is required, since the meshing and FEA are fully automated.

"The Advanced 3D Gear analysis capability is a great tool for the design of our drive train products.
As a manufacturer of drive axles for the heavy-duty truck industry, we are always looking to improve the performance and durability of our drive train components. The latest development in gear analysis in MSC's Adams software is what we're looking for! " - Ragnar Ledesma, PE, PhD, Principal Engineer, Analytical Mechanics Department at Meritor

  • Python Scripting for Modeling

Scripting allows engineers to automate their simulation processes, such as modeling and post-processing. This is the first of a multi-release initiative to provide  Python scripting alternatives to the Adams View command language (cmd). This release represents the first where native Python can be used to issue commands to an Adams GUI. This first phase will cover most modeling actions in Adams View.

  • FE Part Improvements

FE Part is the Adams native nonlinear technology which enables users to capture a large deformation of components, such as beams or cables. A few enhancements have been made in Adams 2017 to improve both the performance and the usability of the nonlinear beam element: FE Part.

    •  Node Location - The new parameter options for nodes allows users to follow curve control points. It also takes into account the default and historical behavior of the distance "S" values.
  • FE Part support
    • The new enhanced support for multiple & single large FE Parts, specifically for multi-threading (SMP), speeds up the process by up to 3x for the 2-8 threads. Thus, creating a more efficient workflow for users.
  • FE Part Creation
    • In this latest release, FE Part creation has been increased to a 10-100x speedup, which includes models with many FE Parts. This will dramatically reduce the processing time to create FE parts.  It can be applied interactively or to a cmd import which allows for a very robust development process.
  • FMI Model Import

Adams Controls has supported the co-simulation style of the interaction with tools adhering to the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard. With this new release, Adams Controls also supports the FMI Model Exchange Model Import style of interaction. This capability is now available for all tools which adhere to the FMI Model Exchange standard.

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