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MSC Software CEO Dominic Gallello to Speak at Global Vehicle Lightweighting Forum

Addressing SAE International Audience on Simulation's Role in Designing Lighter, More Efficient Automobiles
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SANTA ANA, CA--(September 3, 2013) - MSC Software Corporation, the leader in multidiscipline simulation solutions that accelerate product innovation, today announced that CEO Dominic Gallello will speak on simulation technology's role in the increasingly important process of vehicle "lightweighting" at an international symposium sponsored by the world's top automotive engineering organization.

Gallello will speak at the SAE International's Vehicle Lightweighting Forum, Sept. 10-11 in Shanghai, China. SAE International attracts top executives from international vehicle manufacturers and suppliers such as General Motors, Land Rover, Tesla Motors, Chang'an Automobile (Group) of China, and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, ALCOA, Dow and Boa Steel.

SAE International is the most influential engineering standards development body in the vehicle manufacturing industry. It organized the Lightweighting Forum to showcase the latest advances in manufacturing strategies, design and materials selection strategies to promote lighter weight, higher performing, fuel efficient vehicles without sacrificing safety or performance. Special focus will be on tangible, cost-effective strategies in lightweighting.

Gallello will introduce audiences to advances in simulation technology that address lightweighting and perhaps the biggest issue that goes along with it: learning to work with new materials after decades of relying on steel as their primary design material.

"One of the challenges we're addressing is vehicle manufacturers' need for tools that can accurately simulate the wider, new range of materials being incorporated into vehicle design, most significantly fiber-reinforced composites," Gallello said. "The anecdotal knowledge automotive engineers have accrued over their years of working with steel doesn't carry over to composites. Simulation is essential because the physical testing they've relied on for a generation is too slow and costly to keep pace with market needs and doesn't yield optimal designs."

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