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Acoustics Tech Week Day 5: Introduction to Actran Jumpstart

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SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Overview of the Modules

Module is a standalone Bulk Data section typically representing a component of an overall assembly. Modules are analogous to part superelements without reduction. Modules allow the user to assemble multiple Bulk Data sections to form a single MSC Nastran input file. Modules offer a complete range of flexibility to the user when it comes to defining connections to a Module. In this webinar we will discuss use and importance of different bulk data entries used to define modules. We will see different options available to post process the modules results. In this webinar we will discuss how to define modules and how to set up analysis file for Nastran using modules approach. This session is NOT a substitute for formal training, many more options and scenarios available with modules.

Highlight Reel - MSC Apex 2020 Release

Integration of controls system software with Adams using Adams Controls Plugin

Engineering innovation in driveline design: rapid transmission modelling and analysis using Romax Concept

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Door seal behavior prediction and enhancement

Door closing event simulation using Adams Marc co-simulation