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High Fidelity Modeling of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Dynamics using Adams, MapleSim and the FMI Standard

Bring your Adams Multibody Dynamics Simulations to life

Adams 2020 Feature Pack 1 (FP1) Release Highlights

MBD based process for durability performance of vehicle bodies and components

Co-simulation of semi-active dampers for durability road load simulations at Volvo Cars

Using CADLM and Adams to gather more insight into suspension design

Adams 2020 Release Highlights

Predictive Analytics for Simulation: Coupling SmartUQ's Analytics Toolset with Adams Car

Adams-VTD Integration: ADAS and Autonomous Driving Simulation with the Best Vehicle Dynamics Models

Predicting Downhole Tool Failures Using Adams Drill

Enabling Smarter Simulation Workflows using Event Sets and Variants in Adams Car

Tire modeling in Adams using FTire and PAC2002

Adams 2019.2 Release Highlights

Driving Engineering Insight by Applying SmartUQ Predictive Analytics Technology to Adams Multi-Body Dynamics Simulations

A smart approach to Design Optimization using Optimus by integrating with MSC Nastran, Adams, Actran models into an automated optimization process