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Achieve 10x Productivity Enhancement in Pre/Post-processing for MSC Nastran Using MSC Apex in Automotive Structures

Achieve 10x Productivity Enhancement in Pre/Post-processing for MSC Nastran Using MSC Apex in Ship Building and Large Fabricated Structures

Noise Prediction for Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Patran 2017 - New User Interface, HDF5 Results Database and Vibration Fatigue

Introduction to MSC Nastran and Patran 2017

Use of Random Analysis to Determine the Strength of Structures Subjected to Random Loading Excitations

MSC Nastran and Patran 2016: Release Overview

Using MSC Apex to expedite repairing, editing and meshing geometry for Patran

Release Overview: MSC Nastran and Patran 2014.1

Introduction to MSC Nastran 2014 and Patran 2014: Release Overview

MSC Nastran and Patran basics, Training via the MSC Learning Center

Patran 2013 Release Overview

Finite Element Analysis In Aircraft Structure Design

This session will follow a very busy day for an Aerospace Structures Engineer as he transforms the latest CAD releases and loads drop into new Finite Element models for the Stress, Fatigue & Fracture, and Dynamics groups to analyze and post process. There will be challenges to overcome in geometry cleanup, meshing for purpose, assembly meshing, analyzing, and post-processing, but all part of the product development process of turning ideas into airplanes! The primary target audience for this presentation is for the Universities.

Integrated Fatigue Analysis with MSC Nastran

Thermal Analysis Challenges in Aerospace Industry

Some of the most difficult thermal problems occur in the aerospace industry. These include the thermal design of a spacecraft in Earth orbit or flying to another planet, cooling an aircraft’s high powered avionics, anti-icing on airplane wings and engine nacelles and predicting solar heating loads on missiles or aircraft baking in the sun. This webinar will focus on using the advanced thermal solver Sinda and the model builder Patran to create thermal models to solve the thermal issues typically found in aerospace industries.