If you're new to mechanical system simulation, this course will give you the foundation of skills you'll need to begin using Adams' powerful virtual prototyping, testing, and visualization capabilities.
5 Days
Pre-requisites : 
  • Create parts and organize them into mechanical systems
  • Connect parts with ideal constraints, such as:
    • Standard joints (hinges, sliders, etc.)
    • Joint primitives
    • Complex (couplers, screw, etc.)
    • Curve (cam-follower, pin-in-slot)
  • Actuate a system with:
    • Ideal and complex part motion
    • Applied forces
    • Gravity
  • Connect parts with more realistic forces:
    • Simple (springs, dampers, etc.)
    • Complex based on system states (displacements, velocities, etc.)
    • Complex based on test data
    • Contacts and collisions
  • Measure quantities of interest (displacements, velocities, accelerations, applied loads, forces)
  • Perform static, transient, and linear simulations
  • Precisely control and manage your simulations
  • Investigate test results via animations and plots
  • Manage files generated and used by Adams/View and Adams/Solver
  • "Putting it all together" to complete a comprehensive workshop that tests comprehension of modeling elements and techniques discussed in class
  • Additional topics discussed are:
    • Importing CAD-based geometry
    • Performing cam synthesis
    • Applying joint friction
    • Performing design studies
    • Applying sensors to your system
Dec 3, 2018 to Dec 7, 2018
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