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The main objectives of this course are to familiarize attendees with the basic operation of scFLOW and to equip them to use CFD effectively in their product design processes.  Attendees will acquire knowledge about:
- Basic concepts and strategies of CFD
- Basic operation of scFLOW
- Preparation of geometry data from CAD
- Checking the validity of the simulation
- Establishing grid convergence and other sensitivity studies
- Finding information and/or acquiring necessary help
2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
1. Introduction to CFD
2. Introduction to scFLOW
3. User resources
4. Basic operation of scFLOW
5. Importing and cleaning CAD data
6. scFLOW hands-on exercises
7. scFLOW Notes and Tips
Sep 25, 2018 to Sep 26, 2018
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