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This 3 day seminar describes heat transfer and thermal stress analysis capabilities in MSC Nastran's SOL400. Program inputs and interpretation of results for conduction, convection, and radiation analyses are covered in detail. The seminar attempts to provide a balance between theory, its development within the context of MSC Nastran, and practical application. Example problems are used to clarify the information presented.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
Basic knowledge of heat transfer fundamentals. NAS101A (Linear Static and Normal Modes Analysis using MSC Nastran) or equivalent experience is recommended.

•       Introduction to Thermal Analysis
•       Surface Elements, Constraints, and Loading
•       Conduction with Elements and Materials
•       Convection Thermal Analysis
•       Transient Thermal Analysis
•       Radiation Thermal Analysis
•       SOL400 Coupled Load Cases
•       Thermal Analysis Theory

Apr 9, 2018 to Apr 13, 2018
MSC Headquarters - Newport Beach CA
4675 MacArthur Court
Newport Beach, CA 92660
United States
714 540-8900
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