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The ASME Student Professional Development Conference (SPDC) took place at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) on Saturday, April 5, 2014.

MSC Software presented a workshop entitled "Creating Industry Opportunities for Students through CAE".

Students learned new industry applications for CAE, listened to survey results regarding the growing demand for CAE-skilled graduates, and discussed new ways for incorporating simulation software into courses like Controls, Dynamics, Design of Machinery, Robotics, and more.

For more information or to schedule a workshop at your campus, please call Leslie Bodnar at 949 510 2271, or email

On-Campus Visits with MSC Software
The team at MSC is eager to visit your campus. To arrange a visit, please click on the link below to schedule an appointment.

Our application engineers are available to hold training sessions or seminars with students, professors and researchers at your campus.

If time is limited, we also offer quick lunch and learns or short introductory Q&A sessions with your students during a course or lab project.
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New eLearning Platform for CAE
More than 500 hours of instruction is now available for professors, students and researchers through the new MSC Learning Center.

Take advantage of 24/7 access to the complete eLearning course library at a special discounted rate of $99/year.

Several Adams and MSC Nastran eLearning courses are now available with more being added continually. Each course is organized into a series of modules that build on CAE skills one topic at a time. Academic subscribers can also connect to an active community of trainers, professionals and peers to communicate and collaborate through discussion forums attached to each course.

Look for a special announcement with instructions on how to start your annual subscription coming to your inbox soon.
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CAE Software for Teaching & Research
If you are looking for new ways to teach or conduct research with simulation software, please contact us for more information. Visit:

Professors and researchers can choose from a variety of new software offerings for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), System Dynamics, Acoustics, and Materials Engineering. Actran and Digimat are two new products available for teaching and research.
Structural FEA - MSC Nastran
The latest release of MSC Nastran delivers Engineering Simulation Speed with Support for Larger Models

MSC's FEA Bundle for teaching & research includes the latest releases of MSC Nastran and Patran (pre/post). Mechanical engineering students can apply the software to research projects or courses such as Introduction to FEA, Structural Analysis, Advanced dynamics, Solid Mechanics, and more.
Nonlinear & Multiphysics FEA - Marc
The latest release of Marc expands Nonlinear Material Modeling for Elastomers & Composites

MSC's FEA Bundle for teaching & research includes the latest release of Marc for nonlinear FEA and electromagnetics simulations. Mechanical engineering students can apply the software to research projects or courses such as Introduction to FEA, Biomedical, Structural Analysis, Advanced dynamics, Solid Mechanics, and more.
Multibody Dynamics – Adams
The latest release of Adams Offers Extended Modules for Machinery Component and System Design

MSC's Motion Bundle for teaching & research includes the latest release of Adams for multibody dynamic simulations of mechanical systems, and co-simulation with MATLAB/Simulink. Students and researchers can apply the software to courses including Controls Design, Design of Machinery, Kinematics & Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics, Robotics, Mechanisms, and more.
Acoustics Simulation – Actran
The latest release of Actran delivers new acoustic radiation technologies plus new Vibro-acoustic and Aero-acoustic capabilities.

Actran is an ideal tool for illustration in an acoustics course and for teaching acoustic CAE. The software is also available for both teaching and research. Contact us today to learn more.
Material Modeling & Simulation – Digimat
Digimat offers researchers and students capabilities for nonlinear multi-scale material modeling and simulation.

With Digimat, engineers can do both micro- and macro-scale analyses of composites, predicting how they will perform and calculating their mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for use in downstream FEA analysis.

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New Actran Student Edition
  Download our Free Actran Student Edition for Acoustics Simulations!
New! For the first time, Actran, the premier numerical acoustics simulation software, is available as a Student Edition.
Relied upon by automotive manufacturers and suppliers, aerospace and defense companies, and consumer product manufacturers, Actran helps engineers and R&D teams to rapidly understand and improve the acoustics performance of designs.

Download the Actran Student Edition at:

Find out how you can bring Actran into your teaching program by contacting us today.
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New Adams Curriculum Kit for Mechanical Engineering Courses
Download the Free Adams Curriculum Kit and Introduce Students to Adams Multibody Dynamics
This Adams tutorial package is designed as a supplemental curriculum kit for Mechanical Engineering courses, including Design of Machinery, Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics, Robotics, and Mechanical Design. There are 26 examples in this Adams tutorial package, including some simple problems like "four-bar linkage", "spring-damper system", and also some real industrial examples like "Open differential" or "Gear Train System", which are created based on a new powerful set of simulation modules in Adams called Adams/Machinery.
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Simulation Reality Contest Winners!
The "2014 MSC Simulating Reality Contest" winners have been announced! This year, the contest offered two categories: Industrial and University. Participants were invited to submit a video or image demonstrating their use of simulation technology in product development and new design innovation. The top 3 University Winners were:
  • Yousef B. Bedoustani, Ecole de technologie superieure (ETS). Canada
    Control Integrated Dynamic Analysis of Cable-Driven 6-DOF Loading Simulator
  • Lennert de Ruiter, Radboudumc, Netherlands
    Pre-clinical evaluation of Orthopedic Implants
  • Svetlana Grosu, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
    Design of Powered Prosthetic Device

To see the top 10 industrial and top 10 university winners overall, please visit


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