Blurring the boundaries between Manufacturing, Materials and Part Performance for the optimal design of innovative quality products

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10xICME is setting the standard for ICME with the strongest solution ecosystem in the world

10xICME is developed alongside academia and industry experts and was released for use following further input from partners across our eco-system which led to the ‘fine tuning’ of the unique ten pillar methodology

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The key benefits of 10xICME
  • Seamlessly connect internal divisional siloes between traditionally separate teams within the company
  • Make your ‘digital twin’ of your entire manufacturing line
  • Predict the performance of final products at the concept stage
  • Data-driven virtual customisation of advanced materials for specific purposes
  • Predict how combinations of materials affect anything
  • Shrink product development time by digitally merging all parts of the supply chain
  • Significantly accelerate the rate of production from concept to reality
  • Turn Industry 4.0 challenges, such as sustainability, into an opportunity

Digitally merge every stage of your materials development process, speed up delivery and drive innovation.

10xICME integrates computational materials science tools into a holistic system that accelerates material development, transforms the engineering design optimization process and unifies design and manufacturing. This sustainable design and manufacturing solution focuses on delivering benefits that are highly valued and prized by manufacturers the world over.

Combining a comprehensive suite of 10 established core technologies and services and developed over 17 years of extensive innovation, 10xICME is redefining the way in which ICME is delivered.

Through its unique combination of solutions, the ten pillars of 10xICME provide an extensive, robust, and value rich ICME solution. It assits users through the entire materials development, design, engineering and manufacturing processes.

Explore the ten pillars of the solution below or download the ‘10X Brochure’.