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MSC's 2013 Global User Conferences Recap
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With the 50th Anniversary of MSC, this year's user conferences held globally were particularly special. Nearly 4,000 MSC users, partners, resellers and reporters attended events in 19 countries across the globe where MSC celebrated 50 years of innovation and recognized MSC's founder, Dr. Richard MacNeil, as well as the original founders of many other of MSC's product lines.

MSC's positive momentum was on display when the 2013 Product Roadmap was announced. With important enhancements to our core and acquired products, there was something new and interesting for every attendee.

The conference highlights wrapped up with a special introduction of MSC's latest technology project. More information and an update on our future technology will be provided in the upcoming Technology Partner webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, November 13th. Read more about the upcoming event below.

Read the recent article in DesignWorld about MSC's 2013 Americas User Conference.

Welcome New Technology Partners!
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We are pleased to welcome Knowledge Centre as an official MSC Technology Partner. Knowledge Centre WME is a research institute for materials and structures with one of their main activities focused on fundamental and applied research on Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) and wind turbine structures.

Knowledge Centre's flagship product is FOCUS6, used for more than a decade by the international wind turbine industry for the design of wind turbines and components such as rotor blades. Learn more about Knowledge Centre and FOCUS6.

Technology Partner Webinar - Wednesday, November 13th
us user conference 2013  

It is an energetic and productive period at MSC Software and we are eager to share the latest news with you, our MSC Technology Partners. Look for an email in your inbox soon inviting you to join us for a special Technology Partner Webinar on Wednesday, November 13th.

The event will focus on providing all current Technology Partners with the latest news you can use from MSC. The agenda will include:

  • An MSC Software Company Update featuring CEO, Dominic Gallello
  • Product Updates and Future Roadmap
  • HPC Initiatives
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • MSC Technology Partner Program Update

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 13th!

MSC Product News

MSC's latest releases deliver new timesaving capabilities for more efficient workflows as well as increased performance. Deeper integration between MSC's products solve tougher problems, running at faster speeds and with higher fidelity.

Actran and MSC Fatigue integrate with MSC Nastran to improve accuracy of poroelastic materials behavior and optimize structure for fatigue life. Adams/Car takes advantage of the proven leaf-spring tools in Adams/Chassis reducing the need for custom solutions and improving the ease-of-use for Adams/Car users. The greater use of parallelization and GPGPU technology in MSC Nastran results in a 20% to 50% reduction in solution times!

Learn more about these new features and many more to provide additional capabilities and joint solutions with MSC products and give our customers added value and seamless integrated solutions.


Adams 2013

The newest release of Adams 2013 has a variety of new enhancements to improve efficiency, increase speed and extend the range of capabilities.

Release Highlights:

  • New Bearing Module in Adams/Machinery
  • Adams View + Adams Post-Processor Refreshed
  • Improved Adams HHT Integrator
  • Many Automotive Vertical Enhancements

For more details about the newest release of Adams 2013, watch the Introducing Adams 2013 - Part II video



MSC Nastran 2013

The newest release of MSC Nastran is focused on delivering new capabilities and performance required to solve multidisciplinary problems.

Release Highlights:

  • Embedded Fatigue Analysis
  • Poroelastic Material Modeling
  • Advanced Nonlinear Enhancements including Parallel Performance Enhancements
  • Explicit Nonlinear Enhancements
  • High Performance Computing including solver enhancements and parallelization capabilities

For more details about the new release, watch the
MSC Nastran 2013 Release Webinar



Launch of MaterialCenter
(Material Lifecycle Management)

Materials specialists and mechanical simulation are brought together with the launch of MaterialCenter, the process and data management system that manages material models, data and processes with absolute traceability.

Features in the first release of MaterialCenter, available now, include:

  • Direct integration with many commercial CAE products
  • A dynamic source of approved materials
  • Robust open platform for integrating materials information into an entire product environment, including CAD, CAE , PLM systems

Resulting in:

  • Simulation fidelity
  • Reduced data loss
  • Elimination of tedious manual data management activities

MaterialCenter is the latest in a suite of product offerings from MSC Software to address the exponential growth of the user of materials in driving product innovation.


See the recent article in Plastics Today about MaterialCenter 

Watch the MaterialCenter Webinar




Engineers use Easy5's powerful 1D Multi-Domain modeling and simulation tools to simulate control systems, hydraulics (including thermal effects), pneumatics, gaseous flow and other system level domain simulations.

Easy 5 2013 Key Highlights

  • Newly Integrated Python Multiprocessing - for drastically faster data and results
  • New Integration Monitor - to observe convergence in real time
  • New object-oriented Schematic Component - experience a better graphical user interface

Register for the upcoming webinar, Introducing Easy5 2013



Actran 14

The latest release of Actran 14 includes breakthrough acoustic radiation technologies and a host of new expanded features in both vibroacoustics and aeroacoustics including:

  • Improved Physics
  • Expanded Boundary Conditions
  • High Performance Computing
  • New Inputs & Outputs
  • Extreme Performance Improvements for
    Trimmed Body Analysis

Learn more about Actran, powerful acoustics simulation tool developed by renowned acoustics specialists, Jean-Louis Migeot and Jean-Pierre Coyette by watching the Actran 14 Webinar.

FFT and Actran customers are presenting four papers at Internoise 2013, taking place in Austria, September 15-18:

  • Measurement and simulation study of an exhaust system noise complaint
  • Vibro-acoustic simulation of automotive turbochargers using a finite and infinite element technique
  • Numerical and experimental investigations on the noise of a centrifugal fan with forward-curved blades
  • Tyre road noise acoustic reduction due to rear wheel arch absorption
MSC Product Platform Support Update (2013-2014)
msc platform support  

Be sure to visit the recently updated external Platform Support website to be informed about changes to platform support for all 2013 and 2014 product releases.

The following information is available on the Platform Support Website:

  • General Platform Support Roadmap
  • Product Specific Platform Support Details
  • MSC Licensing Platform Support
  • Documentation for Current Product Releases
  • Technology Partner Information
  • Solution Download Information

Visit the Platform Support Website

New eLearning Center Coming Soon
  MSC eLearning   Center

In order to address our customer's evolving training requirements, MSC will soon be launching the MSC Learning center - a platform and ecosystem designed to provide easy, flexible and affordable access to learning in the simulation space.

The new eLearning tool will leverage content developed by both MSC and 3rd party providers in the marketplace. The 3rd party hosting capability presents our Technology Partners with an extraordinary opportunity. Post your on-demand training offerings on the MSC Learning Center platform to:

  • Reinforce specialized industry expertise
  • Drive learning of your product solutions
  • Collaborate directly with the MSC user community
  • Build a new revenue source for your training program

If you are interested in offering your product training offerings to the MSC user community through the new Learning Center, contact us at


Informative Links
MSC Software's Corporate Website includes links to MSC's Simulating Reality Magazine, Conferences, User Meetings and events, and other opportunities for our Technology Partner community to reach MSC's customers.
Upcoming Events
Date Event Location
Sep 15 - 18   Inter-Noise 2013 - Presenting Innsbruck, Austria
Sep 17 - 19 Gear Expo 2013 Indianapolis, IN - USA
Sep 17 MSC Event Nordic MaterialCenter Seminar Gothenburg, Sweden
Sep 19 MSC Event Technology Day - Nordic Adams Machinery Gothenburg, Sweden
Sep 24 - 26   SAE AeroTech - Presenting Montreal, Canada
Sep 24 MSC Event Solver Embedded Fatigue Seminars Waltham, MA - USA
Sep 24 MSC Event

Technology Day - Calculations of Structures, Kinematics Complex, Acoustic Simulation and Composites

St. Julien en Genevois, France
Sep 25   LS-DYNA Forum 2013 Filderstadt, Germany
Sep 25 MSC Event Technology Day - Nonlinear Multi-scale Material Modeling Silicon Valley, CA - USA
Sep 26 MSC Event Technology Day - Vibro-Acoustics and Aero-Acoustics Toulouse, France
Oct 2 - 4 JEC Americas - Composites Show & Conference Boston, MA - USA
Oct 3 MSC Event Solver Embedded Fatigue Seminars Chicago, IL - USA
Oct 14 MSC Event MSC's 50th anniversary - User Conference Event Israel
Oct 16 MSC Event MSC's 50th anniversary - User Conference Event South Africa
Oct 17 MSC Event MSC's 50th anniversary - User Conference Event Hungary
Oct 17 MSC Event Technology Day - Vibro-Acoustics and Aero-Acoustics Les Ulis, France
Oct 21 - 24   SAMPE Tech 2013 - Presenting and Exhibiting Wichita, KS - USA
Oct 23 MSC Event Technology Day - Nonlinear Multi-scale Material Modeling Toronto, ON - Canada
Oct 29 MSC Event Aerospace Update Day 2013 Hamburg, Germany
Nov 7 MSC Event Technology Day - Gear Stuttgart, Germany
Nov 7 MSC Event 2013 User Conference - A New Era Begins Madrid, Spain
Nov 12 - 14   Solar Power-Gen 2013 Orlando, FL - USA
Nov 12 MSC Event Technology Day - Nonlinear Hannover, Germany
Nov 13 MSC Event 2013 Technology Partner Virtual Event Webinar

MSC's New Corporate Headquarters

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MSC's New Headquarters

If you are not currently a member of MSC's Partner Program and would like more information, please contact us at


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