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Introduction to Mechanical System Simulation Using Adams

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The Introduction to Mechanical System Simulation Using Adams textbook is intended to familiarize you with the basics of theory and practice in Adams Multibody Dynamics (MBD) modeling.

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The content has been developed to be beneficial to readers who are students or practicing engineers who are either completely new to MBD modeling or have some experience with MBD modeling.

Below you can download the examples from the book, which you can readily build and execute.

Download Textbook Files:

We also recommend you download the Adams Tutorial Kit for Engineering Courses. The Adams tutorial package is designed as a supplemental curriculum kit for undergraduate Mechanical Engineering courses, including Design of Machinery, Dynamics, Mechanisms, and Mechanical Design.

There are 44 examples in the Adams tutorial package, including some simple problems like "four-bar linkage", "spring-damper system", and also some real industrial examples like "Open differential" or "Gear Train System", which are created based on a new powerful set of simulation modules in Adams called Adams/Machinery.

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