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Winter 2020 Issue
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Featured Stories

  • General Motors: Comfortable eV design - a frequency shift
  • MSC Software & CADLM: AI & machine learning will transform CAE simulation and deliver usable digital twins
  • Changan Automobile: CAE efficiency improvement with automatic simulation platform

All Stories

  • Romax drives Hexagon | MSC Software into eMobility
  • Q&A - From bearings to eMobility with Romax Technology
  • Romax software drives more focused, streamlined and lowcost development of innovative products
  • Romax consulting and software supports GKN Driveline to design low-noise high-efficiency eDrive gearboxes
  • Assessing wind turbines in Korean skyscrapers with Cradle CFD
  • Performance simulation and virtual testing
  • Predicting vehicle response to a severe crosswind event using Adams
  • Delivering accuracy and traceability in the medical device sector
  • Modeling tool performance and interaction with other tools in the BHA
  • Forensic investigations of falls using Adams
  • How reducing heat distortion during additive manufacturing results in better tyre tread moulds
  • On a mission to engineer a more sustainable world
  • Quantifying simulation model uncertainties: the MSC Software and SmartUQ approach
  • Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group address COVID-19 crisis by re-designing the iron lung ventilator using MSC Apex
  • Automotive die redesigned and reshored
  • ADAS and autonomous solutions for trams and off-road transportation
  • Utilizing generative design computing to drive future computing power
  • Rapid development of a virtual testing model for flexible aircraft landings
  • Northrop Grumman Mission Systems uses MSC Apex's Hex meshing to cut workflow time in half
  • Technology tipping points, digital transformation & lessons learnt from great customers
  • MSC bolsters our technology partner program
  • MSC Nastran Excellence Award
  • New FEA textbook for mechanical engineers provides a breath of fresh air