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What's New Webinar - SimXpert 2011

Multidiscipline simulation with SimXpert in General Machinery industry

What's New Webinar - SimXpert 2012

Advanced Thermal Modeling Tools

Increase Reliability of Cardiovascular devices with Engineering Simulation

Simulation Methods for Muscle Modeling and Human Tongue Analysis

Value of Simulation for Composites Modeling and Certification of Wind Turbine Blades

Improve Wind Turbine Reliability Reduce Time to Market

Multibody Dynamics analysis with flexible body integration

Improve Gear Box Reliability Using Wind Load Modeling

Noise Attenuation: Model Poro-elastic Materials using Actran

Introduction to Actran for Aero-Acoustic Analysis

Introduction to Actran for Vibro-Acoustic Analysis

Introduction to Actran for Acoustics Radiation Analysis

Explicit Structural Analysis using MSC Nastran

During the life cycle, most products experience events that involve rapid loading whose simulation requires users to account for inertia loads, unlike in a quasi-static analysis. Moreover, in order to capture the deformation and stress state of the structure accurately, it becomes necessary to use very short time steps, especially since the events could last only a few milliseconds. MSC Nastran, with its state of the art explicit solver technology from integrated LS-Dyna and Dytran, enables users to simulate real world high-speed events, minimizing the time and money spent on design and experimental testing. Extreme distortions and possible failures that structures may undergo during these events are accurately simulated with MSC Nastran helping users solve problems of crush, crash and impact in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics and other industries. This webinar provides an overview of the explicit analysis capabilities of MSC Nastran along with a demonstration through an example problem.