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Additive Manufacturing Simulation Software for Metals

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Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) enables engineers to create parts that are not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques. As we watch AM progress from technology hype, one thing becomes very clear: software will be integral to the success of the technology. Simulation tools that allow AM engineers to build parts "first time right" are very much a prerequisite for the future of AM. Some of the greatest challenges in building metal parts with AM includes: distortion, residual stresses, and part quality. Engineers are able to simulate the entire Metal AM process with Simufact Additive including: build, heat treat, baseplate cutting & support removal process, and HIP.

Additive Manufacturing process chain covered by MSC & Simufact

Additive Manufacturing process chain covered by MSC & Simufact

By replacing expensive physical trial & error processes with a holistic simulation approach, users can determine the optimal process flow much faster and at a dramatically lower cost.

Simufact Additive is a powerful simulation environment for getting "first time right" optimization of powder bed additive manufacturing processes for metals.

Let us take you on a 3-step journey for a Simufact Additive Free Trial:

Free Trial step 1: Introducing Simufact Additive

Please watch this 3:15 video introducing into the software's functional scope, main capabilities and benefits for employing companies/institutions.

Free Trial Step 2: Gain more insights into Simufact Additive's capabilities

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