Whitepaper: You can save the planet with design & engineering simulation

Towards design-for-recyclability and sustainable manufacturing
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Manufacturing processes today span everything from aerospace to automotive, energy generation to oil & gas, and electronics to shipbuilding. Yet, all these contribute to emissions and environmental pollution as well as intensive use of our world’s precious energy and water resources. With a burgeoning human population on planet Earth, limited natural resources, and endangered species and habitat, the need for sustainability has never been more critical in the history of humanity. Both global warming and the possibility of an environmental catastrophe appear to be an existential threat to life on planet earth, or at least an irreversible consequence to mankind’s poor stewardship of our unique ecosystems in the last century.

This white paper assesses the extent of the sustainability challenge facing mankind and our planet today, and examines the underlying factors. It then looks at how these factors can be effectively addressed at source for the manufacturing industries we all rely on to deliver our consumer products and the quality of modern living we all expect, to illustrate what smarter-by-design really means in a world crying out for sustainable engineering solutions.

Sustainable Engineering is Good Business Sense: Computer-Aided Engineering Can Solve Global Environmental Challenges