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This is your opportunity to learn about CAE technology used by professional engineers.

The on-demand Academia Webinar Series gives the audience an overview of MSC Software's innovative CAE technology and how it is used to solve real world engineering problems. Throughout the series multiple engineering topics are discussed and software demonstrations are performed.

Each webinar is ready to be viewed on-demand.

The simulations topics covered include:

  • Engineering Material Analysis and Management - Enabled by the Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Methodology
  • Automated Driving (AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • FSAE Vehicle Design and Simulation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applied to COVID-19
  • Coupling CFD with Multiphysics: Structural Analysis (FEA), Multi-Body Dynamics (MDB) and Acoustic Analysis
  • Modeling approaches for Acoustic, Vibro-Acoustics & Aero-acoustics applications

Who Should Watch?

  • Professors
  • Researches
  • Engineering Students
  • Deans
  • Administration
The Latest CAE Technology Used by OEMs Worldwide, An Overview for Academic Professors, Researchers, and Engineering Students


Discover modern CAE technology used by engineers worldwide


Register and learn about the latest CAE technology used by professional engineers worldwide, and how this technology prepares students with professional level experience for future careers in engineering