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The world around us is full of acoustics. From the sounds of an electronic device to the acoustics of aircraft, engineers actively develop and manufacture mechanical systems that take acoustics into account. What are the latest engineering methods and tools used by engineers to perform acoustic analysis and improve the acoustic characteristics of mechanical systems? And how can companies better address challenges associated with acoustics?

Check out the On-Demand version of our Acoustics Tech Week, where we answered these questions through five presentations that highlight advanced simulation technology used in acoustic analysis and development. Various industry examples are highlighted that demonstrate the benefits of acoustic simulation, and the presenters perform live demonstrations of acoustic simulation. The on-demand series is ideal for any engineer with an interest in acoustics.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn how acoustic simulation technology helps companies meet regulatory requirements or improve customer comfort and satisfaction
  • Discover how acoustic simulations with Actran can be used to solve typical NVH engineering problems (acoustic radiation, acoustic transparency, duct acoustics)
  • Observe how acoustic simulation with Actran is used to identify sources of noise and develop sound mitigation mechanisms, such as sound barriers or acoustic treatments
  • Explore the acoustic challenges engineers and companies face and how to overcome them with simulation technology
  • Listen in to advice from professional acoustic engineers
  • Find out how to obtain acoustic analysis training

Who Should Attend?

  • NVH Engineers
  • Acoustic Engineers
  • CAE Analysts and engineers interested in acoustics
  • Project Managers
  • Engineering Managers
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