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With the landscape of CAE technology changing so rapidly, it can be difficult to know just where to start. With this in mind, MSC offers
targeted Academic Bundles, designed to provide you with a complete collection of the most current software applications for FEA, Motion,
and Multidiscipline CAE Simulation.

Take advantage of amazingly low academic pricing and start the 2013-2014 school year with the same CAE software professionals
use and prospective employers want you to use and get access to
the latest versions as soon as they are released.

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FEA Academic Bundle   FEA Bundle  for Linear and Nonlinear FEA Simulation
MSC's FEA Academic Bundle provides linear and non-linear finite
element analysis (FEA) capabilities for: Structural, Thermal, Impact
and Fluid-Structure Interactions.

Based on the latest versions of MSC Nastran, Patran, Dytran, Marc
and Sinda, the 2013 FEA Academic Bundle also includes the new, revolutionary, and time-saving approach to CAE based fatigue calculations - Nastran Embedded Fatigue (NEF). Learn more.

 Universities are successfully incorporating the FEA Bundle into their mechanical engineering undergraduate courses including:

  • Advanced Finite Element Analysis
  • Introduction to FEA
  • Introduction to Composite Materials
  • Mechanics of Metal Forming

Curriculum Kits are available to use in your courses at no cost.
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Motion-Academic-Bundle   Motion Bundle  for Multibody Dynamics Simulation
MSC's Motion Academic Bundle provides capabilities for a wide
variety of multi-body motion and mechanical system simulations,
including Hydraulics and Controls, using a geometric or a schematic, block-diagram modeling approach.

Based on Adams and Easy 5, the 2013 Motion Academic Bundle now includes the latest addition to the Adams tool belt - Adams/Machinery, a Powerful Simulation Suite for Mechanical Drive Systems.
Learn more about Adams/Machinery.

The Motion Bundle can easily be incorporated into ME undergraduate courses such as:

  • Advanced Dynamics
  • Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines
  • Rotor Dynamics
  • Vehicle Chassis Design
  • Simulation of Vehicle Dynamics

Curriculum Kits for Adams are available to use in your courses at no cost. Download Now

Contact us to learn more ways you can easily incorporate the Academic Bundles into your courses.

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ABET Accreditation 2013-2014
Did you know your use of CAE for teaching could help to qualify your mechanical engineering program for accreditation? Simulation software is considered a 'Modern Technology Tool' and helps fulfill accreditation criteria. Learn more about MSC's Academic Bundles. Learn More

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MSC's FREE Student Editions
MSC's Student Editions complement the Academic Bundles by enabling students to improve software proficiency and use for personal and school projects by downloading the Student Edition limited versions to their personal laptops.

Students can download from the MSC Student Center. The MSC Student Center also contains an abundance of learning resources to help students on their journey using simulation software.

MSC Student Center

Fuel Learning with Sponsored Student Competitions + Projects

MSC Software is proud to sponsor university student-teams participating
in real-world, multi-school competitions by offering industrial-strength engineering simulation tools to students at no cost.

Here are just a few of the competitions that MSC sponsored
student-teams compete in.

  • Formula SAE Series
  • Baja SAE Series
  • Aero Design
  • AIAA Design/Build/Fly

For the full list of MSC sponsored competitions,
visit: Student Competitions on the MSC website.

University of Missouri - winning FSAE            
Student Teams
The University of Missouri FSAE team was able to design one of the best performing suspensions in Mizzou racing history using Adams/Car.
Read their story.

The 2013 California State Northridge FSAE team breaks the record for the lightest car in CSUN history with Adams/Car. Read their story.

Advise your students to request sponsorship from our
Student Competitions webpage.

Students Experience Increased Internship Opportunities by Participating in Student Competitions
Karthis Krishan, a graduate student with the Motorsport Engineering and Research Center (MERC) at Colorado State University successfully acquired an internship with the racing engineers at Pratt&Miller, because of his knowledge and proficiency with Adams MBD software.

Many students who participate are reporting success at winning internships at top companies as a result of using Adams for student competitions.

Don't wait for competitions to start learning Adams. Students can start using Adams right now by downloading the free student version on to their personal laptops from the MSC Student Center.

Latest News You Can Use - Mastering FEA
FEA Masters 2013-2014  

In 2013, the International FEA Masters Program, offered by UNED, the largest university in Spain, is celebrating twenty years of educating engineers in FEA. In 2012, UNED began offering the program online, making it possible for students all over the world to earn a specialized Masters degree in Finite Element Analysis. To date, the program has had over 3,000 graduates.

Registration is only open once a year:
September 1, 2013 through December 31st, 2013

MSC Customers receive a 10% reduction from the total cost of the reasonably priced program.

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