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Digimat was used to model the plastic injection of a sun roof bearing part, taking into account fiber orientations predicted by injection molding. There existed very good correlation with experimental failure data. Digimat was able to predict critical failure location in the part.
  • To correctly model fiber reinforced plastic parts
  • To have quantitative and predictive results from FEA
  • To use a unique material description valid for all kind of different load cases
  • Calibration of an elastoplastic micromechanical DIGIMAT model based on dumbbells from a plate cut 0° and 90° with respect to highly oriented fibers
  • Setup of two different load cases (global & local) with different isotropic approaches and via DIGIMAT multi-scale modeling
Results Validation:
"Ticona’s intent is to provide solutions to our customers. Speed and quality of CAE predictions are key factors when we work on new components. Customers expect working solutions based on detailed structural response predictions and optimized mold design. From the results of our practical tests, the use of DIGIMAT to link Moldflow with Ansys structural analysis proved to be a very good way to fulfill these customer needs." Ulrich Mohr­-Matuscheck, Leader Design CAE, Ticona GmbH
  • With the scaling approach two different factors have to be applied to match the experimental force displacement curve of the global and local load case
  • Only the micromechanical DIGIMAT model describes correctly both load cases based on one unique material model taking into account fiber orientations predicted by injection molding simulation
  • In good correlation with experimental failure DIGIMAT per-­-phase results point out the critical location in the part

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