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Litens Automotive Group’s patented TorqFiltr torque modulator uses an arc spring isolator mechanism to decouple the accessory drive system inertia from the engine torsional vibrations. The Litens torque modulator controls the system resonant frequency by tuning the spring stiffness to the system inertia. Because the spring stiffness is softer than traditional rubber isolators, vibrations from the engine are mostly absorbed before being transmitted to the accessory drive belt. This results in isolation of all components in the accessory drive, and any accessory drive resonance has very small peak amplitudes, since there is very little excitation.

Results Validation:

The Marc simulations have previously been found to be very close to physical measurements. The co-simulation results for key values, such as the inner drive angle as a function of input torque, were found to vary by less than the 10% from the Marc simulation over two revolutions of the input shaft.

  • Adams-Marc Co-simulation Makes System Analysis 15 Times Faster than Pure Nonlinear FEA Analysis
  • The solution maintains high accuracy of the simulation
  • Enables engineers to run many design iterations in a short period of time to optimize in a practical fashion

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