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MSC Nastran



Fimtextile designs, manufactures, and sells shedding motions (called dobbies andcam motions), which are fitted to weaving machines with rapier, projectile, or air- and water-jet weft thread mechanisms. The shedding motion is the device that moves the frames holding the warp thread in weaving machinery. These frames and their threads are reciprocated for ever pass of the weft mechanism. For maximum weaving efficiency, the motion of the frames must be as fast and as smooth as possible.
One of the main challenges in designing rotary dobbies is arriving at a good selection mechanism. There is a significant dynamic problem to solve for the selection mechanism: stopping the loom at a specific locked configuration in a quadrilateral frame moving at high speed. Also, significant inter-part impacts involved in this locking mechanism can cause problems in use.
MSC.ADAMS and MSC.Nastran are essential tools to simulate the precise way these impacts between the flexible components of our machines affect their performance,
Virtual analysis and simulation allow Fimtextile to produce significant virtual test data in a very short time, which reduces development time, improves product quality, and eliminates the need for many intermediate physical prototypes.

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