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When leadership at TI Automotive—a global supplier of fuel storage and delivery systems for cars and trucks— evaluated the company’s product development process, it discovered repeated design and test cycles. MSC gave the engineers at TI Automotive the essential tools they need to save time and money, by reducing prototyping.
The problem that TI faced was that simulation was disconnected from the design process. Compounding the situation was that in going from CAD geometry to simulation models, many data translations or fixes were necessary. TI really only had one simulation expert in the company, which kept analysis from being scaled across the enterprise.
Using design simulation to support its product development process would enabled TI to account for complexities of manufacturing upfront, and, additionally, would move simulation from the desktop of one expert engineer to that of many engineers.
Since TI implemented an engineering simulation solution from MSC Software, the supplier of enterprise simulation solutions. The benefits have been significant.
  • TI Automotive now is able to run virtual tests without having to rely on the one in-house expert, which eliminates the previous bottleneck.
  • TI reduced physical prototyping, and analysis time went from two weeks to four days per design. With less than a half hour of user effort, engineers are able to create a new design, run all of the simulations, and receive results.
  • The new simulation capabilities have driven notable enterprise savings.
  • The use of simulation has aslo brought gains to the top line, by demonstrating significant engineering expertise and competitiveness to end customers early in the sales cycle.

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