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A common mechanical failure in optical systems is inadequate stiffness in the supporting structure. Stiffness is crucial for maintaining the alignment of the optical elements and achieving adequate optical performance. It is the responsibility of the mechanical engineer to provide adequate stiffness in the mechanical design.


In the first days the mechanical engineer analyzed the optical performance of the proposal’s mechanical design, identified and implemented needed refinements and validated that the resulting conceptual design could be developed into a detailed design that would meet the project’s optical requirements. Further, by working in simple, early structural models (lumped mass, beam and shell elements) as well as the large models of a more mature design (meshed and CAD joined tetrahedral solids), AEH/Ivory provides the project a continuous and traceable record of the adequacy of the structural stiffness supporting the optical system.

  • Saved months of schedule time on projects
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved
  • Assurance from the very beginning of the mechanical engineering effort that the structure is designed correctly

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