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DEMA SpA is a major aerospace supplier that provides work packages for many major aircraft programs such as the Boeing 787, Airbus A380 and A321, ATR 42-72, Augusta Westland AW139, and Bombardier CS100. DEMA recently designed and built an innovative avionics bay pressurized door for a commuter jet. DEMA engineers developed an innovative design concept in which the door is assembled from sheet metal using a machinable plate that saves weight by eliminating the need for mechanical joints. DEMA needed to analyze the ability of the door to meet in-flight structural requirements in spite of multiple damage scenarios that might be incurred during service operations or could result from manufacturing variation in order to determine whether or not the structure maintains a sufficient safety margin. These damage scenario analyses are used as the basis for inspection protocols that are performed on a regular basis to ensure that the door is flight-ready.

Results Validation:

“Editing the geometry for one scenario took only 4 hours, a 75% reduction from the traditional method,” said Antonio Miraglia, Stress Lead for DEMA. “Prepping the model took four hours, the same as the traditional method. A total of 8 hours were thus required to model each scenario and 32 hours were required for all four scenarios, a 60% reduction from the time required in the past.”

  • Process of constructing 4 damage scenarios reduced from 80 hours to 32 hours
  • Time to modify geometry reduced by 75%
  • Solver validation further reduces the process from 80 hours to 26 hours

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