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One of the manufacturing processes in which Safran Additive Manufacturing is more specifically interested in, is the Laser Beam Melting (LBM) process. The simulation of this process aims at identifying issues associated with part distortion during the manufacturing process, as well as the potential risks of failure of the part and its supporting structure. Safran called on MSC Software, which offers a solution that uniquely covers the entire manufacturing process, from the initial melting step of the part to the completion of a final HIP treatment (Hot Isostatic Pressing), including all post-processing operations such as a stress-relaxation heat treatment, baseplate cutting and supports removal. This solution is Simufact Additive.

Results Validation:

Safran Additive Manufacturing has taken full advantage of the added value of the Simufact Additive solution in order to secure the integration of the additive manufacturing processes into its “product-process” development processes, both upstream during product design and downstream for the production launch.

Safran Additive Manufacturing is now focusing on extending the use of the Simufact Additive solution to different types of parts and different grades of material, in order to improve the design process for additive manufacturing as a whole. MSC Software supports Safran Additive Manufacturing and the Group in achieving this objective through this solution that integrates into the global additive manufacturing value chain, ensuring a quality and open digital continuity.


The use of Simufact Additive has enabled us to save considerable time in production preparation thanks to the predictive nature of the software, which limits development by manufacturing iterations by using virtual development upstream, but also during the part design phase, by enabling us to anticipate the effects and limitations of the process at the product design level.

One of the added values of the Simufact Additive solution is that it allows us to bring together two activities: engineering and production. On the one hand, people from engineering who design parts with a strong focus on part performance in service, and, on the other hand, the methods office who master the industrial processes and its associated constraints. Simufact Additive is a solution well adapted to simultaneous engineering that facilitates dialogue between the different business activities involved in the same project. In addition, the software is easy to use, with an intuitive, business-oriented interface that allows for quick and easy appropriation/ownership.

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