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ACT110 - Acoustics and Vibro-Acoustic Simulations using Actran

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Actran is a finite element software for vibro-acoustic and aero-acoustic simulation. This class will cover the pre-processing and post-processing capability including acoustic meshing from existing structural meshes. In addition to the topics presented in the basic course this course will include the frequency domain vibro-acoustics module.  The course will include both presentations from the Instructor as well as hands-on exercises.

2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
Engineering degree with knowledge of Acoustics and/or Vibrations.

Course topics will include the use of Actran VI (GUI Module) and using the Actran acoustics module.  Details regarding modelling sound propagation in both confined environments as well as free field radiation will be presented.  The course will cover vibro-acoustic modelling in modal space as well as in the physical space. Theoretical aspects related to vibro-acoustic modelling will be presented.

This is a hands-on class with exercises to illustrate the concepts of each section. Upon completing this class, students will be capable of adapting the knowledge gained in the training to develop methods and processes enabling the design low noise products.