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ADM703B - Adams/Solver Theory: Achieving Robust, Converged Solutions

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This class is intended for experienced Adams users wanting to expand their knowledge of Adams/Solver theory. An emphasis will be put on tying theoretical concepts back to Adams/Solver solution settings (ERROR, HMAX, SI2, MAXIT, etc.). Strategies for creating robust models and sensible solution control settings will be a focus of the course. The various phases of solution (statics, kinematics, dynamics) will be covered in detail and best practices for each will be identified.

2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
  • ADM701 - Complete Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams or ADM702 - Fundamentals of Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams
  • ADM703A - Advanced Modeling Elements and Techniques with Adams/Solver
  • Mathematical descriptions of constraints, body and forces
  • Theoretical workings of the static, kinematic and dynamic solvers in Adams
  • Numerical Methods for root finding, explicit and implicit integration
  • DEBUG/EPRINT interpretation for model debugging
  • Error handling strategies for statics and dynamics
  • Solver settings for robust static analyses
  • Integrator settings for robust dynamics
  • Solution convergence techniques
  • Modeling best practices