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MAR102 - Advanced Nonlinear Analysis using Marc and Mentat

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The purpose of this course is to enhance the current Marc user's understanding of modeling nonlinear problems. Lectures are supported by hands-on modeling of nonlinear problems.
3 days
Pre-requisites : 
A basic knowledge of nonlinear simulations - Familiarity with Mentat 2011 - Completion of MAR101 (Basic Nonlinear Analysis using Marc and Mentat) or equivalent experience
  • Material Nonlinearity
  • Contact
  • Adaptive Meshing
  • User Subroutines in Marc
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Stresses
  • Global - Local (Structural Zooming) Analysis in Marc
  • Restarts
  • Performance
  • Workshop Problems
    • Experimental Curve Fitting Using Physical Test Data
    • Creep of Tube
    • Superplastic Forming of a Metal Container
    • Composite Progressive Failure Analysis using VCCT
    • Elastomeric Cylinder (Segment to Segment Contact)
    • Ship Bumper Contact Analysis
    • Global Remeshing
    • Local Adaptive Remeshing
    • Creep of a Tube (User Subroutine)
    • Heat Transfer (Conduction and Convection)
    • Heat Transfer (Radiation)
    • Coupled Analysis (Thermal / Structural)
    • Global – Local (Structural Zooming)
    • Restarts