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PAT304 - Automating Tasks and Basic GUI Customization Using the Patran Programming Command Language (PCL)

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PAT304 provides students with a comprehensive overview of the Patran Command Language (PCL) for site integration and user programming. Topics include basic PCL syntax, creation of user interface objects (widgets) such as forms, buttons, slidebars, etc., spawning remote processes from the Patran session, usage of database access calls, handling interrupts from an event-driven system, compiling, debugging, and code management. Students will build practical skills by performing 17 PCL programming exercises in multiple laboratory sessions. Exercises include the development of PCL code to create a fully parameterized finite element analysis model for use in shape optimization and design studies.

5 days
Pre-requisites : 
PAT301 (Introduction to Patran) or comparable experience. Familiarity with C or FORTRAN or Pascal.
  • File I/O (create and parse a text file)
  • Spawn UNIX command from Patran (i.e. start your own analysis code processing)
  • Parametric Modeling (i.e. build same part but vary length, width or radius of the part)
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Create a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • General PCL syntax and usage