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ADM704B - Automating Tasks using Adams/View Scripting, Macros, and GUI Customization

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This course focuses on automating tasks in Adams/View for efficiency. The Adams/View Command Language is studied in detail along with looping, macros and the creation of custom menus and dialog boxes.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
ADM701 (Adams Basic Full Simulation) and ADM704A (Advanced Parametrics, Design Sensitivity, and Optimization using Adams/View)
  • ADAMS/View command language and structure.
    • Commands – keywords, parameter names, parameter values
    • Conditional constructs (if/then/else, for loops, etc.)
    • Using command files to perform tasks
  • The macro language and macro structure.
  • How to create and access macros to automate common tasks.
  • Creating custom dialog boxes
    • Using the dialog box builder
    • Defining labels, fields, buttons, options menu, etc.
    • Become familiar with underlying commands
  • Creating custom menus.
  • Putting it all together to build a custom interface.