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NAS122 - Basic Dynamic Analysis using MSC Nastran and Patran

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The course covers a wide range of dynamic analysis topics from basic to advanced using an integrated approach. Patran is used for data set up and post-processing and MSC Nastran is used for the solver. Many unique practical hints and tips are given which do not exist in other material. Case studies are used in each topic to help understand the physics and engineering behind the techniques in a practical way. A comprehensive set of over 20 fully detailed student workshops is used to obtain real "hands on" experience. A strong emphasis is placed on engineering process so that the student can rapidly relate the course to his or her project needs.
5 Days
Pre-requisites : 
Some familiarity with Patran and MSC Nastran
  • Review of Fundamentals
  • Normal Modes Analysis
  • Mass Modeling
  • Effective Mass
  • Guyan Reduction
  • Rigid Body Modes
    • Rigid Body Modes and Rigid Body Vectors
    • Calculation of Rigid Body Modes
    • Selection of "Support" Degrees of Freedom
    • Checking of "Support" Degrees of Freedom
    • Rigid Body Modes
  • Pre-Stiffened Normal Modes
  • Response Methods
    • Transient Analysis
      • Frequency Response Analysis
      • Response Types
    • Modal and Direct Methods
  • Damping Overview
    • Damping in Dynamic Analysis
    • Rayleigh Damping
    • Viscous Damping Input
    • Frequency Dependent Impedance Sample
    • Sample using CBUSH Element
    • Transient Response Analysis
    • Frequency Response Analysis
    • Enforced Motion
    • Interactive Frequency Response
    • Random Analysis