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ADM761 - Basic Suspension and Full Vehicle Analysis using Adams/Chassis

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2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
ADM701 (Complete Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams) or ADM702 (Fundamentals of Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams)
  • Description and usage of Adams related products
    • Adams/Solver
    • Adams/PostProcessor
    • Adams/Insight
  • Description of Chassis model file structure
    • Systems
    • Subsystems
    • Property Files
    • Database Structure
  • Investigation of half-vehicle model behavior
    • Using the Suspension Design Module (SDM) requests
    • Bushing definition and orientation techniques
    • Attachment options
    • Hub compliance modeling
    • Effect of vehicle loading on steering behavior
    • Using the static load case event
  • Investigation of full-vehicle model behavior
    • Effect of passengers on steering response
    • Understanding understeer budget contribution
    • Using the Static Vehicle Characteristics (SVC) event
    • Stringpots, accelerometers, and ride height sensors to 'instrument' your model
    • Simple chassis stiffness modeling
    • Brake system modeling overview
    • Trailer modeling
    • Introduction to Chassis customization
    • Converting files from Adams/Pre to Adams/Chassis